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Wharfedale Pro CPD series amplifiers

Wharfedale Pro CPD series amplifiers

CDP4800 Wharfedale Pro Amplifier
Wharfedale Pro CPD series amplifiers – 5 models to chose from ranging from CPD1000 at 250w/side to CPD4800 at 1000w/side (both quoted RMS at 8ohms). Designed for use with Wharfedale Pro Line Array systems, DELTA series passive speakers and TITAN series passive speakers, among others.

Amplifiers often work in hot and dusty environments and, over time, the fans of an amp can easily suck this dirt in. Dirty cooling fans reduce efficiency and lead to overheating problem.

It’s for this reason that we made our hardworking CPD series really easy to clean. Simply unscrew the front grille, brush off the air filters, and put the grille back on.

This easy maintenance means that a CPD amplifier can survive in the most hostile of working environments.

We’ve recently updated our CPD series WebPages to highlight this very practical feature.

CDP Amp Cleaning

We think it is a ‘cool’ feature!