2 YEAR WARRANTY from Light Emotion!

Sydney NSW — LSW is pleased to announce that the warranty offered for 24 Light Emotion products including Light Emotion LED lighting effects, Light Emotion LED par cans and Light Emotion lighting controllers will be doubled to two years back dating to products purchased from March 1, 2015.


Light Emotion was established in 1991 and since then has grown to be one of Australia's most recognised lighting brands. Amongst a sea of overseas brands, Light Emotion has led the way with high quality products that are built to perform and survive the harsh Australian industry conditions.


With almost 25 years of experience, only the best manufacturers around the world are engaged to produce Light Emotions' range of products. Increasing the warranty to two years from twelve months reinforces both confidence in Light Emotions' hand-picked manufacturing partners and is testimony to the level of quality and reliability the brand offers.


"You just see them everywhere — schools, restaurants, pubs, parties — you name it! It's not (bleep) or (bleep) — it's Light Emotion!"
— Joshua Maynard, Beyond Sound and Lighting Newcastle.

In coming shipments, Light Emotion's retail-friendly coloured boxes for those products with the two year warranty will be updated to promote the new move — customers will be able to clearly see the value in the product and the longer warranty.

P64LEDC Light Emotion Par 64 LED Controller
DERBYLED Light Emotion Classic LED Derby Lighting Effect
PARBAR Light Emotion PARBAR All-in-one Light Show
PARBAR3TRI Light Emotion PARBAR3TRI Pro All-in-one Light Show
dmx48 Light Emotion 48 Channel DMX Controller
P645QUADP2 Light Emotion 12x5W 4in1 RGBW LED Can Polished
P64PLED Light Emotion Par 64 LED
wdmx Light Emotion Wireless DMX Transmitter / Receiver
P645QUADB2 Light Emotion 12x5W 4in1 RGBW LED Can Black
Z10 Light Emotion Small Bubble Machine, High Output.
DMXDIM4LED Light Emotion DMX Dimming Pack 4 Channel
Z30 Light Emotion Medium Bubble Machine
P64LED Light Emotion LED Par 64 Can
LEDBAR Light Emotion LED Wash Light
FLAT0307 Light Emotion Tri-Colour flat par can
FLAT1212 Light Emotion 6-in-1 LED Wash Fixture - RGB, White, Amber, UV
DMX192 Light Emotion 192 Channel DMX Controller
OCTOPUSTRI Light Emotion OCTOPUSTRI LED moving Beam Lighting Effect
MUSHROOMLED Light Emotion LED Mushroom Lighting Effect

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