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Light Emotion Flat Wash Lights

. . Light Emotion flat wash lights are compact, light weight LED fixtures which produce bright coloured light. With a beam width of 40 degrees, this product will be at home in a range of wash applications including flood lighting for bands, stage and retail displays.  The FLAT PAR lights are proven in the field with an extremely low failure rate, powercon connectors and sold with 2 years warranty. These lights come with a .

Get Active | Part [1] • Tourus Series Speakers

. . Wharedale Pro now has an active ABS speaker for every occasion with three models to choose from. The fully featured TOURUS, dependable TITAN, or high powered TYPHON. In this 3 part series we will take a look at the basic features of each SKU to assist you better in specifying them and selling to your customers. First up it’s the TOURUS! . Target Market: General Purpose Pros: • Multiple Input Types• Great Value• Light .

Have we been paying too much for our Mics?

. Review by Wayne Cheary . I have questioned this since Rode had their “buy one top end mic and get one general purpose mic for $1.”sale.  My Rode $1 mics are brilliant, still use them alongside the industry stalwart Shure SM58. LSW made me aware of a new release from Wharfedale, the DM57 and DM 5.0pro mics at crazy low prices. So I bought one of each. Thinking, “must be rubbish .

Light Rider got upgraded

. Light Rider gets an upgrade with a fancy new retail presentation box, stylish new casing with digital readout, and now featuring an aerial offering even better WIFI with more stability and better signal strength. . FREE Software Available for Download: . < . . Light Rider – The new way of DMX Control Push your light show to the next level with the new DJ app for Android and iPad. Light Rider lets .

DMX – 3 vs 5 Pin?

. Whether you’re using 3 or 5 pin DMX we’ve got you covered for any and all configurations. We’ve even got 3 to 5 pin, and 5 to 3 pin converters if you’re using a combination of 3 and 5 pin fixtures! Soundking cables and connectors are reknowned for their great quality and affordability and OEM for many famous brands. . . Here’s what our customers say: . “The Soundking Xlrs and stands are amazing for .

Web Assets – 12″ and 15″ Battery Powered Portable PA

. 12″ and 15″ Battery Powered Portable PA Get them ONLINE! . . The EZ portable PA has been developed to answer a specific need for entertainers, presenters and performers who demand clear and present audio in any location. Powered by an internal battery (or by mains input) the EZ PA can go anywhere with its convenient trolley handle and wheels. With two handheld wireless microphones, an internal MP3 player, Bluetooth connectivity and standard .

Web Assets – Typhon 12″ and 8″ active speakers

. Typhon 12″ and 8″ active speakers  Get them ONLINE! . . The Typhon series are powerful, portable and versatile active loudspeakers available as a 12” or highly portable 8” model. Suitable for many professional audio applications a Typhon is ideal for DJ’s, live bands, small to medium size stages, installations and houses of worship. The two separate Class D power amps deliver huge output power while keeping the overall weight to minimum. Bi-amplification .

8 Inch Speaker Installation Solutions

When space is at a premium or discrete speaker placement is required, 8 inch speakers are an excellent option.  For even audio coverage in a venue sometimes a point source system may not be the right answer. Instead you can place multiple speakers at equidistant spaces to provide even coverage throughout. This can also assist with zoning if for example some areas of the venue require less volume than others.  You can also consider adding .

New DMX solutions – City Theatrical

City Theatrical invents, manufactures, and customizes unique lighting accessories for the entertainment and architectural industries and is the winner of 40+ product and business awards. City Theatrical DMXcat Multi Function Test Tool Apps Included with the Basic configuration include:   • DMX Controller a single universe (512) DMX channel controller with two user interfaces.   • Fixture ControllerDMX test app for multi-attribute fixtures with built in database of lighting fixtures.   • RDM Controller .

Web Assets – Aeroline Wireless Mic

. There’s nothing more unprofessional than losing signal from a fixed channel UHF wireless mic system while half way through a key note speech or wedding announcement. These days UHF frequencies are in high demand so you can save yourself a lot of trouble by using a true diversity wireless microphone system like Wharfedale Pro’s Aeroline system. Instead of having fixed channels “True Diversity” systems have literally hundreds of channels to choose from meaning .

Sub Bass PACKS

. For an earth shaking experience why not add a Wharfedale Pro T-SUB to your audio system? SUBs sound fantastic when used to play dance music OR rock music because the overall sonic experience is enhanced by the super low frequencies. It’s not so much you can hear these frequencies… you can FEEL THEM! The new T SUB is 75% louder than its predecessor with 1400Watts of peak power on offer. . . Pair .

Get “Hands On” with DMX – Introducing the WOLFMIX !

. It’s a totally new and radical way to control your lighting rig! . . Wolfmix W1 is a standalone performance DMX lighting controller – designed for creating light shows on the fly without a computer. A toolbox of FX modules, music sync, and up to 4 DMX universes – packed inside robust hardware with a powerful processor. Choose from 1000’s of light fixtures, or build your own directly inside the controller. Whether it’s .

SoundKing Cables and Connectors

. GET CONNECTED! . . SoundKing is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of audio leads, connectors and accessories producing products for many international brands. See below the range of SoundKing products arriving soon  including  connectors, cables, adapters, stands and accessories. . Click here to see SoundKing products

Web Assets – BRUTE

Light Emotion’s new professional par light is the “BRUTE“. A powerful no-nonsense wash light designed to be big on brightness with 18 x 10 Watt RGBW LEDs and a 40 degree beam angle for excellent coverage. A double yoke and powercon in and out connections make this an ideal fixture for productions and touring duties. There are 4 or 8 channels of DMX, run sound active or set colour washes manually. In addition there are options .

SURE You’re Not Paying too Much for Microphones?

Wharfedale Pro DM Series Microphones With cast zinc casings, internal pop shields and steel mesh grills, these mics can handle high SPL while still providing super low distortion. All at a highly affordable price in an attractive coloured retail display box, including free XLR cable. . Key Features: Frequency Response 50Hz -12kHz Live dynamic microphone Supercardioid polar pattern 600Ω Output Impedance 135dB Max SPL High performance capsule Tailored for vocals Also suitable for drums, guitar cabs .

Web Assets – Diamond Monitors

Wharfedale Pro have released a whole bunch of new products in the last 18 months, so in order for you to load up onto your websites we are emailing out product web assets. Here’s a link to the rather impressive and sweet sounding Diamond Studio Monitors. Available in 5 inch and 7 inch versions featuring blue tooth for playing those Dropbox mixes or Spotify streaming.  Diamond Studio Monitors Wharfedale DIAMONDBT5 Pro Studio Monitors Bluetooth .

Stock Shortages ??? WharfedalePro Container has arrived!

Are your other suppliers out of stock? Not here at Wharfedale Pro. We’ve just landed another container full of active and passive speakers, portable PAs, active and passive SUBs, installation audio, power amps, mixing desks, microphones. YOU NAME IT WE’VE GOT IT. IN STOCK!!!  • Generous Margins  • Excellent Back Up and Technical Support  • Reliable Kit with 3 Year Warranty

BRUTE Force in the Church

Custom Audio in Newcastle have recently installed 10 of the new Light Emotion slim pars (aka BRUTE) into a local church. Loaded with 18 x 10 watt RGBW LEDs they have plenty of grunt, and the thermo-controlled, whisper quiet fan runs silently. Good news for quiet environments and rock /DJ venues alike! Up to 12 units can be run from the powercon out socket making cabling a breeze. Add in powercon connectors and double brackets and you .

Audio Mixers – IN STOCK NOW

Connect Series Mixers The CONNECT series are the ideal companion for small scale live performances and discreet sound installations where there simply isn’t space for a full scale mixing desk. While packing a wealth of features for mixing and recording it does so with a small footprint. The use of rotary controls as opposed to larger linear faders means space is saved to fit the mixer into small spaces even including guitar gig bags, .

Need More Bass?

Need More Bass? 15 inch speakers have larger drivers, a bigger voice coil and physically push more air through the woofers. As a result they have a higher sound pressure level than their 12 inch counterparts, and also reach lower bass frequencies. Designed to perform in portable and fixed installation applications alike TITANs, with their ultra-lightweight composite enclosure, offer a range of mounting options including tripod floor stands, wall mounting brackets or even on .

Installation Solutions!

DELTA Series Speakers  The Delta Series has been designed to provide outstanding performance and reliability. Its robust technology and durable components ensure Delta units meet the demands of touring, rental, and fixed installation applications. High output cast frame woofers with 3” voice coils offer excellent low frequency reproduction. 2” Titanium compression drivers are coupled to 90°x45° elliptical waveguides for impressive output level and smooth HF dispersion. Comprehensive rigging points are provided, and the Delta .

Diamond Studio Monitors, review by David Becker

David Becker, the founder of Prime Audio has published a very detailed and usefull review of Diamond Studio BT7 monitors. Here is his  verdict: “The Wharfedale Pro Diamond Studio 7-BT is a great option for musicians or content creators who are on a budget but need competent, accurate studio monitors. I’m really impressed with the overall build quality, features and sound. The added tone and volume controls allow you to easily make room adjustments or tweak .

New LightEmotion Lighting Fixture – BRUTE

In stock NOW ! . New LightEmotion Lighting Fixture – BRUTE . Light Emotion’s new professional par light is the “BRUTE“. A powerful no-nonsense wash light designed to be big on brightness with 18 x 10 Watt RGBW LEDs and a 40 degree beam angle for excellent coverage. A double yoke and powercon in and out connections make this an ideal fixture for productions and touring duties. There are 4 or 8 channels of DMX, run .

Light Emotion container has arrived!

Light Emotion lights – Back in Stock! Light Emotion lights – Back in Stock! Light Emotion most popular disco lights, pars and cob lights are back in stock! Unable to connect Opencart store Unable to connect Opencart store Unable to connect Opencart store

Container has arrived!

All major Wharfedale Pro SKUs are back in stock and shipping now. Including DELTA series, Titans, Typhons and PSX. We’re stocked up on power amps, mixers and microphones – call or email now to place orders. Call or email now to place orders!  Call 02 9718 4900 or email  Unable to connect Opencart store . Unable to connect Opencart store

Nicolaudie FREE online tutorials

Nicolaudie the company behind SUNLITE, STICK, DASLIGHT and LIGHT RIDER software based DMX controllers, now offer free online tutorials at their Nicolaudie Academy.  . . You can go through the tutorials and check out all the latest news at . Or head straight to the You Tube channel  . . Make sure you like and subscribe! .

Installation Speakers for Conference rooms and Classrooms

Wharfedale Pro i8 and the transformer version – i8T, are two-way high performance loudspeakers specifically designed for distributed music, paging and speech applications. Each model features a quality 8″ low frequency transducer and 1″ dome tweeter housed inside a durable ABS enclosure – with a full protective frontal grille. Both models feature Phoenix (Euroblock) input connections for easy on-site wiring, and both models are supplied with a sturdy, adjustable wall mounting bracket. i8 is .

TITAN “D” series are being retired

After more than a decade in the market Wharfedale Pro’s TITAN “D” series active speakers are being retired. Well regarded for their reliability and performance the TITANs have been a steady workhorse for dozens of production companies and hire departments all around the world. We still have limited stock available if you want to purchase the last units of this iconic box. . . LSW will still offer 3 different active speakers to suit .

News from Wharfedale Pro

LSW celebrates its 12th year distributing Wharfedale Pro in Australia and we are pleased to announce the imminent arrival of our latest container, with another container also on the way. We are aiming for good continuity of supply as we try and anticipate demand over the usually busy summer months. . In more news from Wharfedale Pro they have announced new products which are available for pre order only at this time: . . .

Wharfedale TITANAX Series speakers

For many years the name ‘Titan’ has become the benchmark for portable and versatile loudspeakers.TITANs are used day in, night out around the world in almost every audio environment imaginable. TITANs deliver high quality audio with peace of mind reliability. Designed to perform in portable and fixed installation applications alike TITANs, with their ultra-lightweight composite enclosure, offer a range of mounting options including tripod floor stands, wall mounting brackets or even on their side .

Wharfedale Pro 720w RMS Active Speaker: Typhon

With a peak power of 1440w (or 2880w PRG) and Blue Tooth connectivity, the Typhon is set to redefine 12″ active speaker sound reinforcement once and for all. . The two separate Class D power amps (600w continuous for the LF and 120w continuous for the HF) deliver huge output power while keeping the overall weight to minimum. Bi-amplification means that each amplifier is perfectly matched to the driver it is connected to. This .

UHF22 is a dual UHF wireless microphone system

UHF22 is a dual UHF wireless microphone system with two handheld microphones .  We now have two new frequency pairs, in the 520-526MHz range which is available in ALL areas of Australia as no free to air television broadcasts use 520-526MHz. That’s in addition to the 6 usual frequency pairs between 670 and 694MHz. . . UHF22 Key Features: • Frequency Response: 40Hz ~ 18KHz • Signal To Noise Ratio: > 98dB • Battery .

It’s all about the COB!

You will now see many of LED products around quoting COB as their LED light source. COB means “chip on board”. As a light source, a COB LED has many small LED sources mounted on a single board, thereby acting more of a single course of light, as an alternative to wash fixtures that use multiple individual LEDs to achieve the same light output. COB LED’s can be single colour or mixed, just like .

Light Emotion 3-in-1 Lighting Effect

The name says it all: DERBY3! 3 lights in one. In one self contained box you get an RGBW traditional moving beam Derby effect, an RGB laser and an RGB flashing strobe effect which can double as a flood light as well. Maybe 4-in-1 is closer to the truth! All features can be controlled separately, individually or together using the included infra red remote, via sound activation, DMX, or under master/slave control. Loads of .

June Long Weekend

June Long Weekend LSW Imports & Distribution will be closed on Monday 8th June 2020 for the June long weekend.   We will be back in the office from 9am on Tuesday at our new location Unit 2, 23 Bowden Street. Alexandria. The Queen’s Birthday is a public holiday celebrated in most states and territories on the second Monday in June (except QLD & WA), making for a much-looked-forward-to June long weekend.

Wharfedale Pro CPD series amplifiers

Wharfedale Pro CPD series amplifiers – 5 models to chose from ranging from CPD1000 at 250w/side to CPD4800 at 1000w/side (both quoted RMS at 8ohms). Designed for use with Wharfedale Pro Line Array systems, DELTA series passive speakers and TITAN series passive speakers, among others. Amplifiers often work in hot and dusty environments and, over time, the fans of an amp can easily suck this dirt in. Dirty cooling fans reduce efficiency and lead .

Wharfedale Pro – The story behind the products

Wharfedale Pro is a specialist division that designs and manufactures pro and commercial audio equipment, from portable and touring sound reinforcement to fixed installation systems. Functioning as a separate entity within the IAG group, Wharfedale Pro concentrates solely on the professional audio market, offering a complete product range that caters for every stage of the signal path from microphone to loudspeaker. Renown for developing class-leading products with high performance and reliability, Wharfedale Pro continues .

2 YEAR WARRANTY from Light Emotion!

Sydney NSW — LSW is pleased to announce that the warranty offered for 24 Light Emotion products including Light Emotion LED lighting effects, Light Emotion LED par cans and Light Emotion lighting controllers will be doubled to two years back dating to products purchased from March 1, 2015.     Light Emotion was established in 1991 and since then has grown to be one of Australia’s most recognised lighting brands. Amongst a sea of .

New European brands have arrived!

LSW has taken delivery of its first shipment from European Professional Lighting and Audio distributor Beglec. From Synq, there are three new one rack unit Class D amplifiers — including the DIGIT3K6 which will pump out 1,800w a side at 4 ohms. All are incredibly light weight and ideal for mobile and touring work as well as installs alike. Under the JB Systems brand, two new active speakers are here just in time for .

CME is now cooperating with Soundtrap

Fantastic news for all XKEY users! CME announced a cooperation with Soundtrap, a new cloud-based music sequencer and digital audio workstation for collaborative music production. Soundtrap is developed by the Swedish startup Playwerk, and it is offered as a software-as-a-service using a subscription model with a generous “freemium”. Different than many other sequencers, Soundtrap is built using HTML5 technology and it works with Google Chrome browser for Mac, PC, Chromebooks, Linux and Android OS .

Jordan Rudess joins CME

Jordan Rudess– the keyboardist of the band Dream Theater, joins CME as Chief Musical Officer and official global endorser of Xkey. CME is dedicated in mobile music solution and innovation of electronics musical instruments these years. Now with the most talent keyboardist Jordan Rudess team up with CME, we believe they will launch more advance and cool stuffs soon. Let’s wait and see.    

XK-1 — The world’s first XKEY iOS app

  All of Xkey users could now enjoy XK-1 synthesizer app for free made by the “One Red Dog” — a well known music software company with great talent. Thanks to Xkey user community, all of them showed leading concept of mobile application in social network, and it inspires One Red Dog to launch the first customized Xkey Synthesizer app—the XK-1, this integration will bring perfect experience to the professional in iOS platform. CME .

The new era of DJing

As peculiar as it sounds, VOXOA is taking the world by storm! Ok, maybe not the whole world, but certainly ours!.   We LOVE this new range of DJ products for so many reasons.. The quality is right up there! It’s the same factory that manufactures several models for American Audio, Stanton, Reloop, Citronic… Google it yourself! (We’ll give you some links below if you’re not in the mood to google right now) The .

Mirror balls are back in stock at LSW

We have sizes ranging from 6″ (16cm) to 20″ (50cm) — all in stock now. Light Emotion mirror balls all feature ABS cores and highly reflective small glass tiles. Also back in stock: UV18 18″ UV fixture, UV 48″ UV fixture and the UVGUN utilising the HPW400 discharge UV Lamp. Prices shown are based on up front payment and exclude GST and shipping.    

Unique in today’s market!

Built by the same factory that makes the iPad, the XKEY features a slim moulded aluminium frame and is compact, lightweight and portable. With 25 full-sized keys, the XKEY sets itself apart from all other keyboards in its price range that feature smaller keys. • 25 FULL sized keys • Velocity sensitive pressure sensor • Compact & stylish yet very durable design • Portable, play anywhere • Plug & play with Mac, PC, iOS, .