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The new era of DJing

The new era of DJing

As peculiar as it sounds, VOXOA is taking the world by storm! Ok, maybe not the whole world, but certainly ours!.


We LOVE this new range of DJ products for so many reasons..
The quality is right up there! It’s the same factory that manufactures several models for American Audio, Stanton, Reloop, Citronic… Google it yourself! (We’ll give you some links below if you’re not in the mood to google right now)
The price is fantastic! It’s a fraction of the price of the big brands without a compromise.
They look and feel cool! You’ve gotta see it to believe it! These players and mixers sure look the part.. Come into one of our stores and have a play!

The great reviews are endless, here are a few..

“…Huey already has one, you should ask him what he thinks of it… Just so you know that is made by hanpin who also make reloop, djtech, stanton, american audio, citronic et. al. If you have ever used any of the other companies more recent products it should be the same sort of quality, I have a reloop contour that is really well built and the soundcard in it is pretty good. I wanted to get one of these a while ago but at the time they were only available in China, Korea & Japan…”

“…Voxoa is the company that makes the DJC.4 for Stanton, the ST150 turntables, the Citronic version of the DJC, the Stanton CD players, American Audio Versadeck.. and gear for a whole bunch of DJ gear companies. Their factory is in Guangdong China, and their quality control is top notch. (keep in mind ALL the current DJ brands are manufactured in China.. even NI and Pioneer).
I’m not a retailer or exporter, but I can get some gear directly from the factory if you are interested. Just made the Traktor Scratch maps and Serato maps for some of the gear…”

“… There are no Voxoa stores outside of Asia. Only They are OEM products, so some products can be found with a different brand like Citronic, Stanton, Akiyama, American Audio, Reloop… but the P50 USB player and M70 mixer are just Voxoa so far…”

“… i finally bought a Controller from
a chinese Brand called Voxoa. My Controller, the C50 and the Voxoa C60 has been
rebranded by Stanton and American Audio as the DJC.4 and Versadeck, so some of
you may be spinning digital records on them too …”

And here’s the first batch of VOXOA products in stock now..