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Audio Mixers – IN STOCK NOW

Audio Mixers – IN STOCK NOW

Connect Series Mixers

The CONNECT series are the ideal companion for small scale live performances and discreet sound installations where there simply isn’t space for a full scale mixing desk. While packing a wealth of features for mixing and recording it does so with a small footprint. The use of rotary controls as opposed to larger linear faders means space is saved to fit the mixer into small spaces even including guitar gig bags, yet the textured rotary pots operate with a suitable resistance so EQ and level controls can be pin-pointed with accuracy. 

SL Series Mixers

SL Series mixers are studio/live mixing consoles with built-in full duplex USB interfacing.

Designed to cater for a wide range of mid format mixing duties, the SL Series includes many features suited to both live sound and home studio applications. A high quality class-compliant 2-input 2-output 16-bit/48kHz USB interface features on all models, with larger models featuring a flexible record bus and dedicated return channel that is great for live and home recording.

Studio grade microphone preamps are used throughout the range and have balanced XLR inputs, with all channels also offering balanced/unbalanced TRS line level connectivity. In addition all of the mono channels on larger models have a TRS insert point.

An ultra musical 3-band EQ is available on all channels, with an additional high pass filter on the mono channels. The SL 824 USB and SL 1224 USB feature a built in FX rocessor with 16 presets, giving you unlimited creative potential. The on-board FX is supplemented by a dedicated FX send and 2 auxiliaries.

Vocal Microphones Available!

Drums, guitars, brass and vocals – a DM mic does the job! In addition it is made to cut through the mix for detailed live vocal performance. High SPL capabilities combined with a super cardioid pickup pattern means the microphone can produce high gain before feedback and a high signal to noise ratio.

The DM series also feature an on/off switch (excluding DM5Pro) which has been specifically designed to ensure silent switching during performance.