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Jordan Rudess joins CME

Jordan Rudess joins CME

Jordan Rudess– the keyboardist of the band Dream Theater, joins CME as Chief Musical Officer and official global endorser of Xkey. CME is dedicated in mobile music solution and innovation of electronics musical instruments these years. Now with the most talent keyboardist Jordan Rudess team up with CME, we believe they will launch more advance and cool stuffs soon. Let’s wait and see.    

XK-1 — The world’s first XKEY iOS app

  All of Xkey users could now enjoy XK-1 synthesizer app for free made by the “One Red Dog” — a well known music software company with great talent. Thanks to Xkey user community, all of them showed leading concept of mobile application in social network, and it inspires One Red Dog to launch the first customized Xkey Synthesizer app—the XK-1, this integration will bring perfect experience to the professional in iOS platform. CME .

The new era of DJing

As peculiar as it sounds, VOXOA is taking the world by storm! Ok, maybe not the whole world, but certainly ours!.   We LOVE this new range of DJ products for so many reasons.. The quality is right up there! It’s the same factory that manufactures several models for American Audio, Stanton, Reloop, Citronic… Google it yourself! (We’ll give you some links below if you’re not in the mood to google right now) The .