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For many years the name ‘Titan’ has become the benchmark for portable and versatile loudspeakers.TITANs are used day in, night out around the world in almost every audio environment imaginable. TITANs deliver high quality audio with peace of mind reliability. Designed to perform in portable and fixed installation applications alike...

With a peak power of 1440w (or 2880w PRG) and Blue Tooth connectivity, the Typhon is set to redefine 12" active speaker sound reinforcement once and for all. . The two separate Class D power amps (600w continuous for the LF and 120w continuous for the HF) deliver huge output...

UHF22 is a dual UHF wireless microphone system with two handheld microphones .  We now have two new frequency pairs, in the 520-526MHz range which is available in ALL areas of Australia as no free to air television broadcasts use 520-526MHz. That's in addition to the 6 usual frequency pairs...

You will now see many of LED products around quoting COB as their LED light source. COB means "chip on board". As a light source, a COB LED has many small LED sources mounted on a single board, thereby acting more of a single course of light, as an alternative...

The name says it all: DERBY3! 3 lights in one. In one self contained box you get an RGBW traditional moving beam Derby effect, an RGB laser and an RGB flashing strobe effect which can double as a flood light as well. Maybe 4-in-1 is closer to the truth! All...

Your products are great. They are affordable, and they're great quality too.

Galvin Koch
ark Productions

Formerly Le Maitre devotees, then Robe...we now buy only antari machines. We currently have 15 in our production hire inventory with a perfect track record and will soon be purchasing more.

Brian Walsh
BLM Production Services

I hire more Titan12D's than anything else compared to JBL, PRX and RCF, ART and they are more user friendly. They have been hired all year and have been returned with the volumes cranked up. They are a vital part...

Joel Grace
Northem Beaches PA Hire

Welcome To Industry Gear

LSW Imports and Distribution is and Australian importer and distributor representing brands including Light Emotion lighting products, Wharfedale Pro professional audio systems, Sound King lighting stands, connectors and cables, Sunlite and Daslight PC and Mac based DMX software and hardware, Industry Gear trussing and ESP Technology wireless microphones.

Light Emotion is LSW's own brand, with many of its products manufactured in the same factories as many of the large international lighting brands like Chauvet, American DJ and BEAMZ to name a few.

As a manufacturer's representative, LSW offers innovative audio and lighting solutions across a broad spectrum of the industry offering products with optimised ratio of price to quality and performance ratios. Overall, LSW doesn't aim to supply the absolute top of the line products, but aims at the mid-market range with affordable solutions, great quality, build and professional features.

LSW has been at the forefront of the pro audio and lighting market for over 25 years. It has an established reputation as one of Australasia's largest providers of industry standard products which realises LSW brands and products specified and installed in a the widest array of applications, productions, installations and rental departments.